Dubai Waterpark – 5 Things You Always Need To Bring to Waterparks

When it comes to Dubai waterparks, it’s a popular aspect of activities when visiting Dubai. In this post, we highlight, some insightful tips some key things you need to bring with you when visiting our Dubai Waterpark so you have the best day possible.


1. Identification

When visiting a water park in Dubai, it’s good practice to bring with you a form of ID for verification purposes. Although at our waterpark we do not require this it can be nevertheless requested. Form of identification is generally a good form of practice to have just in case, especially when travelling. Although a passport is not necessary, any other form of government ID such as a driving license or ID is a great precaution.

forms of ids for waterparks - Tip 1

2. Suitable Swim Wear

Ensure in advance that you prepare suitable swimwear, one that fits to avoid it ripping or tearing during to movements. It’s a good rule of thumb to usually wear a slightly size one above as some swimwear tends to shrink depending on the material. This ensures that you’re comfortable and avoid the situation where your swim attire rips.

In Dubai, the beach activities are an active area so it’s imperative to also abide by the local laws and learn about the local culture about what is acceptable to wear in public.


3. Sun Tan Lotion

Dubai is very sunny and although you will have enough Vitamin D, it’s a good measure to bring with you some suntan lotion. What type of SPF is recommended?

Wearing a sunscreen with an SPF rating of 100 does not mean that you can spend 100 times longer in the sun than if you weren’t wearing sunscreen. Make sure not to make that mistake in the hearty Dubai sun!

This table below will help you to better understand how much protection different SPF ratings provide:

SPF Rating UVB Protection
None 0%
2 50%
15 93%
30 97%
50 98%
100 99%

Dermatologists recommend that you protect your skin with a higher SPF rating in Dubai. This is because the intensity of the sun’s UVB rays can reach your skin very easily, and perhaps before you even realize that your skin is being damaged from tanning or burning.


4. Towel & Change of Clothes

When visiting a water park in Dubai, bringing another set of clothes is ideal. Near our inflatable water park, there are showers and changing facilities available to the public. So after a great day at the beach, you can shower and also change your clothes nearby. It can be uncomfortable walking in sandy clothes but bringing a towel and some change of clothes will be the top-recommended things to bring with you on a fun day at the Dubai water park.


change of clothes waterpark


5. Your E-Ticket

Be sure to bring your e-tickets and present them at the gates or to the relevant staff. You can do this by downloading your E-Ticket before you leave the hotel or residence to ensure that the email confirmation is fully downloaded. At the waterpark, we can usually pull up all your details anyway using your order number or email.

How Much Do Dubai Water Parks Cost?

So you may be considering coming to the Dubai water parks and considering trying something new for a change but are not sure about the prices and how it works. Don’t worry, we will explain every aspect of the pricing and how it works at our water park in Dubai.

Why Come to Dubai Water Park?

There is nothing more enjoyable than the great outdoor activities combined with a beautiful surrounding, that’s why Aquafun water park has become a go-to place for both tourists and visitors. Water parks in Dubai are packed with excitement, fun and also keep you active throughout the day. However, unlike other water parks in Dubai, Aquafun provides a unique water experience like no other. The park consists of a 130x33M stretch along the popular JBR beach and 25 metres out on the Gulf sea.


With over 72+ obstacles you can expect nothing but the absolute best day with family and friends with a variety of shops available for you to choose from. Just as a note, all tickets sold at Aquafun water park are an all-day pass, so you can come on and off as you please. Whether you want to have some food at the local restaurants/franchises, want to tan and just relax on the beach beds and chairs available.


All Day Pass Water Park Tickets

When purchasing your e-tickets online, all the tickets come with an all-day pass so you stay as long as you want at the water park. You also get a life jacket inclusive in the price of the tickets.

How long does it take to complete the course?

It takes an average of 2-3 hours to complete the obstacles course

How Much Does it Cost for Adult Water Park Tickets?

Adult tickets start at the water park are from the ages of 12 onwards. Any kids under the age of 12 are counted under the kids’ entry ticket price (120AED). If there are 4 or more adults you can get group discount tickets, please read below if you’re considering in bringing 4 or more people to the park.

How Much Does it Cost for Kid Water Park Tickets?

Child tickets start at the age of 6-11 years old. Any child under the age of 6 years old will be 120AED per child. Again, if there are 4 or more kids coming to the water park then they can get a discounted ticket rate at 110AED per child.

How Much Does it Cost for Groups Coming to Water Park Tickets?

If you’re coming in a group of 4 or more then all entry price will be 110AED per person for both Adults and Kids.



Mo Vlogs visits AquaFun Water Park

Mo Vlog recently came to the park to enjoy a day at the world’s largest inflatable aqua park. It’s a part review but also shows how fun and challenging the park is. Watch the video below!



New Abu Dhabi Park Now Open!

Update: The Abu Dhabi park is closed and was open for a period of time. However, we have expanded the Dubai park and it’s definately something to try when visiting Dubai. Please take a look at the Dubai water park which was visited by Mo Vlogs below




We’re excited to announce the park opening of our Abu Dhabi branch. Due to the growing popularity and demand in Abu Dhabi, we thought the park would be another attraction that guests must try. The new park is a must activity if you have tried the Dubai park, this park brings in a new course more obstacles and more exciting fun for friends and family. The park from an aerial view spells out ” I love Abu Dhabi”, the Abu Dhabi brand to match the city. We also have received more press from Khaleej Times, take a look at the article: Read full article here

The park is open for the festival period with limited operating hours, we will be operating at similar times to the Dubai park in April. Ticket sales and groups offer will be available then.

Channel 4 Challenge

Channel 4 has joined us at Aqua Fun with action packed day! We playsed some great games and split the teams in 2. They were not aware how challenging the task can be and how fun at the same time. Take a look and make sure to join us too.