The New Dubai Park ( I Love Dubai ) Now Open!

AquaFun has launched its renovated inflatable water theme park at JBR Beach in the form of the official logo of Dubai with a heart representing the phrase “I love Dubai” (the name of Dubai in a way that overlaps between Arabic and English).

The launch in the new format is especially relevant with the fast approaching opening of the global event, Expo 2020 Dubai, for which the UAE has been chosen to host the coming round and with the government’s efforts to attract visitors in all creative and innovative approaches, with all those being patroned by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who has always advocated for businesses and economy to thrive in the city.

The idea of the new shape of AquaFun park was inspired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid after he launched the Love Lake, which is a symbol of love and passion to the wonderful city of creativity, innovation and dedication in an effort to bring joy and happiness to its residents and visitors.

5,000 square meters accommodating up to 500 people together

The AquaFun water park, which is the largest of its kind in the world covering an area of about 5,000 square meters, can accommodate up to 500 people concurrently, giving opportunity to the largest number of visitors to enjoy the park and its diverse activities in a safe place with nine rescuers available throughout the working hours from 9 am to sunset. The waterpark’s design is inspired by Dubai’s official logo, as a tribute to the city’s creativity, innovation and dedication to its people.

Burning between 500 to 1300 calories an hour

“Our mission and goal is to create happy memories for families and young people, especially as we consider that every person has a child inside him or her who is eager to be unleashed. This is what AquaFun seeks to offer its visitors. Through the park’s physical activities, a person can burn between 500 to 1300 calories while playing at our water park for an hour or more,” said Ahmad Ben Chaibah, an Emirati businessman and founder of AquaFun, who is also the designer of its games.

Daily from 9 AM to sunset

Ben Chaibah said the park was designed as an obstacle course, in which the visitor should climb, manoeuvre, and jump to reach the endpoint, in an area of 100 obstacles and a challenge of stairs, slopes, towers, bridges, curves and much more. “First and foremost, the material of the park is made of the best rubber quality, primarily to ensure safety and security and a longer life span for the games, which is open from 9am to sunset. Visitors can enjoy all the games all day long when purchasing a ticket that allows them to go down to the beach to rest and return to play again with more energy,” he said.

Managed 50 sites, attracted 200,000 customers, and 180 Million social media views

The company was launched five years ago with the largest rubber slide in the world and was designed in the colours of UAE flag, which was launched on the occasion of UAE National Day in 2013 on Abu Dhabi Corniche. Since then, the company has operated at several different locations throughout the country and other neighbouring countries such as Oman and Saudi Arabia. AquaFun Company has so far managed about 50 sites, and during this period it has attracted nearly 200,000 customers, in addition to that, the facility has attracted about 180 million views on social media channels.