We’re back! Here’s everything you need to know.

We’re excited to finally be able to welcome our customers back through the doors and it comes with great pleasure to also be offering you a special offer for everyone to benefit.

Our Aquapark team are taking very strict measures to ensure that the park meets every guideline outlined by the Government to ensure all processes and procedures ensure customers health and safety as the number one priority.

Here are all the updates

New Opening Hours: We open from 10 AM – Sunset every day ( 7 Days a Week)

Buying Tickets: Purchase your tickets online via our website

Ages permitted entry: Minimum age to enter is 6 years old


Special promotion – Tickets for 99AED

We have introduced a special price for all customers to welcome you back. It will be 99AED for both Adults and Kids (minimum age is 6 years old). To avoid contact with cash we prefer if all customers pay online to avoid any delay on the day.

You can purchase your tickets here: https://www.aquafun.ae/ticket/99aed-tickets/

Hurry as this offer expires on 30th June 2020. We look forward to seeing you there!



Coronavirus: We’re Still Open!


Update: 19th March – 9:15pm

We have reduced the available time slots so that customers can book only 1 day in advance. This is to ensure that as we keep an eye out with changes in law and regulations we will be able to commit to all bookings. We’re providing a 12-month validity on all tickets so that it can be changed to a later date if needed. Tickets are non-refundable.


Update: 19th March – 1:10pm

We have verified with management and are still open for those who are curious. We rest assured we’re taking the maximum measure to ensure everyone safety. For those that would like to visit, please ensure that you book online. Tickets are non-refundable, however, if you have booked and would like to re-book or postpone the date, then please contact us via our contact page. where we will provide you with a ticket with a 12-month validity.

Book Adults & kids Tickets here: https://www.aquafun.ae/ticket/unlimited-day-pass/

Book Group Tickets (4 or more people) here: https://www.aquafun.ae/ticket/group-offer/

Updated: 16th Match – 10:45AM

Stay Safe! We have all recently heard of the coronavirus and also following the UAE guidelines wanted to avoid any confusion with our customers who wish to experience the waterpark for those who have already booked and are already looking to book.

Aquafun Waterpark is naturally sterilized by the Salty Seawater and Sun every day. We are lucky to be located in the best place!

And because we want you to stay safe we have taken extra measures to ensure our staff and guests’ safety:

1) We sterilize our life jackets after every use with medical alcohol, saltwater and heat.
2) We encourage you to pay online for your tickets through our website to avoid direct contact and dealing with cash
3) We have a handwashing station set up for you at the beach & sanitizers conveniently placed.
4) Remember to stay hydrated, we have water and beverages at our tent at all times.
5) We limit the number of guests onto the park and our lifeguards ensure that there is a safe distance at all times

We are committed to our community and are keeping a close watch to ensure we follow instructions released by all official sources. If at any time, we are instructed or advised to temporarily close we will update our customers and stakeholder immediately. As of now, it is important for everyone reading this to take care of themselves by maintaining a high standard of hygiene and following the guidelines of the UAE.

Dubai Waterpark – 5 Things You Always Need To Bring to Waterparks

When it comes to Dubai waterparks, it’s a popular aspect of activities when visiting Dubai. In this post, we highlight, some insightful tips some key things you need to bring with you when visiting our Dubai Waterpark so you have the best day possible.


1. Identification

When visiting a water park in Dubai, it’s good practice to bring with you a form of ID for verification purposes. Although at our waterpark we do not require this it can be nevertheless requested. Form of identification is generally a good form of practice to have just in case, especially when travelling. Although a passport is not necessary, any other form of government ID such as a driving license or ID is a great precaution.

forms of ids for waterparks - Tip 1

2. Suitable Swim Wear

Ensure in advance that you prepare suitable swimwear, one that fits to avoid it ripping or tearing during to movements. It’s a good rule of thumb to usually wear a slightly size one above as some swimwear tends to shrink depending on the material. This ensures that you’re comfortable and avoid the situation where your swim attire rips.

In Dubai, the beach activities are an active area so it’s imperative to also abide by the local laws and learn about the local culture about what is acceptable to wear in public.


3. Sun Tan Lotion

Dubai is very sunny and although you will have enough Vitamin D, it’s a good measure to bring with you some suntan lotion. What type of SPF is recommended?

Wearing a sunscreen with an SPF rating of 100 does not mean that you can spend 100 times longer in the sun than if you weren’t wearing sunscreen. Make sure not to make that mistake in the hearty Dubai sun!

This table below will help you to better understand how much protection different SPF ratings provide:

SPF Rating UVB Protection
None 0%
2 50%
15 93%
30 97%
50 98%
100 99%

Dermatologists recommend that you protect your skin with a higher SPF rating in Dubai. This is because the intensity of the sun’s UVB rays can reach your skin very easily, and perhaps before you even realize that your skin is being damaged from tanning or burning.


4. Towel & Change of Clothes

When visiting a water park in Dubai, bringing another set of clothes is ideal. Near our inflatable water park, there are showers and changing facilities available to the public. So after a great day at the beach, you can shower and also change your clothes nearby. It can be uncomfortable walking in sandy clothes but bringing a towel and some change of clothes will be the top-recommended things to bring with you on a fun day at the Dubai water park.


change of clothes waterpark


5. Your E-Ticket

Be sure to bring your e-tickets and present them at the gates or to the relevant staff. You can do this by downloading your E-Ticket before you leave the hotel or residence to ensure that the email confirmation is fully downloaded. At the waterpark, we can usually pull up all your details anyway using your order number or email.

What is the Best Water Park in Dubai?

Here are some reasons to consider coming to Aquafun waterpark.

Aquafun – world’s largest inflatable water park based in Dubai is one of the top waterparks in Dubai and here are 5 reasons why you should come and visit us.

  1. Super Popular Destination 🤩 – It’s in the heart of JBR, 20 Metres in the Gulf Sea and spans 130×33 Metres! Absolutely insane in terms of size. It’s so popular that most celebrities and influencers come here for the reasons I am mentioning here and for a good reason. Check out this video below!


2. Iconic Sea views – this is not your average or usual park. I personally have and for a long time been bored of slides, queuing and doing the same ride again. Aquafun provides a unique, active and challenging course that literally gives you so much fun and laughter with friends and family.


3. 72+ Obstacles – Experience a unique and thrilling experience one that I have never been on either in Europe or America. It’s a huge course that you do step by step in the middle of the sea

4. Instagammable – Literally the shots and overall scene is unreal. You have the views of Ain Dubai and you’re in the middle of the sea in the Sun. Very unusual but believe me the Instagram shots you can take here are awesome. Now I know it’s not an important deciding factor but you know when you can do one for the gram it’s always a plus in my books anyway!


5. Facilities & Amenities – Located in JBR, they provide you with an all-day pass so you can play as long as you want. On top of that, you have every type of facilities, restaurants, lounges, bar 3 minutes away. There are also beach lounges, beach chairs, beach beds, washrooms, showers and changing rooms. Most people come here for the day, get changed and enjoy JBR for the day.

Pricing & Tickets – Kids 120AED [6–11Yrs] Adults 150AED [12+] and Groups [Minimum 4PAX] 110AED . All you need to do is book online!

How Much Do Dubai Water Parks Cost?

So you may be considering coming to the Dubai water parks and considering trying something new for a change but are not sure about the prices and how it works. Don’t worry, we will explain every aspect of the pricing and how it works at our water park in Dubai.

Why Come to Dubai Water Park?

There is nothing more enjoyable than the great outdoor activities combined with a beautiful surrounding, that’s why Aquafun water park has become a go-to place for both tourists and visitors. Water parks in Dubai are packed with excitement, fun and also keep you active throughout the day. However, unlike other water parks in Dubai, Aquafun provides a unique water experience like no other. The park consists of a 130x33M stretch along the popular JBR beach and 25 metres out on the Gulf sea.


With over 72+ obstacles you can expect nothing but the absolute best day with family and friends with a variety of shops available for you to choose from. Just as a note, all tickets sold at Aquafun water park are an all-day pass, so you can come on and off as you please. Whether you want to have some food at the local restaurants/franchises, want to tan and just relax on the beach beds and chairs available.


All Day Pass Water Park Tickets

When purchasing your e-tickets online, all the tickets come with an all-day pass so you stay as long as you want at the water park. You also get a life jacket inclusive in the price of the tickets.

How long does it take to complete the course?

It takes an average of 2-3 hours to complete the obstacles course

How Much Does it Cost for Adult Water Park Tickets?

Adult tickets start at the water park are from the ages of 12 onwards. Any kids under the age of 12 are counted under the kids’ entry ticket price (120AED). If there are 4 or more adults you can get group discount tickets, please read below if you’re considering in bringing 4 or more people to the park.

How Much Does it Cost for Kid Water Park Tickets?

Child tickets start at the age of 6-11 years old. Any child under the age of 6 years old will be 120AED per child. Again, if there are 4 or more kids coming to the water park then they can get a discounted ticket rate at 110AED per child.

How Much Does it Cost for Groups Coming to Water Park Tickets?

If you’re coming in a group of 4 or more then all entry price will be 110AED per person for both Adults and Kids.



Mo Vlogs visits AquaFun Water Park

Mo Vlog recently came to the park to enjoy a day at the world’s largest inflatable aqua park. It’s a part review but also shows how fun and challenging the park is. Watch the video below!



Get Tickets for 99AED

It’s summer time! To celebrate we’re turning admission for both Adults and kids to 99AED for an unlimited day pass for both Dubai & Abu Dhabi water parks.

How does it work?

You will visit our page (www.aquafun.ae/special). Then it’s quite simple, all you have to do is follow the instructions on the screen and follow our socials, they’re as follows:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Follow our Instagram
  3. Like our recent Instagram picture
  4. Like our Facebook Page
  5. You will then be re-directed to the order page where you can go ahead and order your tickets

How Many Admissions do we get?

You receive entry to only one park of your choice, either Dubai or Abu Dhabi for an unlimited day pass.

How Long Will the Tickets Be Available For?

We have a limited amount of spots and tickets will sell out fast for both water parks. The offer is available until September, so if you’re planning to join us from now until September it’s better to take advantage of this offer before it expires or tickets sell out.

What to Expect?

Expect nothing but great fun, we have become a top attraction and it’s for a good reason. Our parks are designed to make you have a great time with our challenges. It’s the perfect birthday gift, team building exercise you can think of.

Ramdan Greetings & Timings 2018

We wish you a happy Ramadan and wanted to update you that the timings of Ramadan 10AM-7PM for both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Please note that during this holy month be considerate of drinkings and eating in public. We have a reception where you can store your belonging and also where you can drink. 

We wish you a happy and peaceful Ramadan!

Water Festival Offer – Abu Dhabi Tickets!



You can purchase early bird tickets here on a limited time special offer for 100AED – purchase tickets here

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: 29 April 2018: A’l Bahar at the Corniche, Abu Dhabi’s newest vibrant beachfront community destination, announces a fun-packed Water Festival on the weekends of 4-5 and 11-12 May.  Families can look forward to a fun-filled weekend of splashtastic games, music, slides and family entertainment.


Residents and tourists can stay cool in the sunshine with water-based slides, games and activities Friday and Saturday from 12pm to 7pm each day.  Visitors will enjoy splashing around on thrilling wet activities including Soapy Soccer and the Triple Fun Mega Water Slide.  Younger members of the family can join in with supervised water-themed crafts and games, including a fill the bottle race, jump rope splash, pass the water relay and sponge bucket race.


In addition to 15 fun water-themed activities, the exciting new AquaFun permanent obstacle course is open for visitors.  Both the Water Festival activities and AquaFun are aimed at children aged 5 years and above and are suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers using the buoyancy devices provided. 


Speaking of the Festival, Ahmed Ben Chaibah, CEO and founder of AquaFun, says, ‘The Water Festival will host a wide range of exciting activities, games and events for all to enjoy, and promises to be a fantastic weekend’.


Early Bird Tickets are priced from only AED100, which gives ticket holders 7 hours of unlimited slides and activities and can be purchased online via the AquaFun website until Thursday; https://aquafun.ae/product/early-bird-tickets/.  Standard tickets can be purchased at AquaFun at A’l Bahar on the Corniche.


A’l Bahar’s dining, retail and leisure experiences will be open during the Festival, including the beach area and Haddins gym.  Residents and tourists can choose from a diverse range of local and international cuisines, with over 20 different restaurants and cafés to suit all tastes, including Belgaufra, Stuffed Burger, Dough, Casa Latina, Depresso and Cupagahwa.


A’l Bahar is located on the Corniche, opposite Nation Towers.  For more information please visit www.al-bahar.ae


About AquaFun


AquaFun Abu Dhabi is a new inflatable waterpark located at A’l Bahar on the Corniche, Abu Dhabi, which opened in March 2018.  With a capacity of 250 guests, the park is composed of a series of fun inflatable floating obstacles which spell out ‘I love Abu Dhabi’ from an aerial view.  Founded by Emirati entrepreneur and businessman Ahmed Ben Chaibah, AquaFun is the largest inflatable water-based obstacle course in Abu Dhabi.



About A’l Bahar


A’l Bahar is a new beachfront leisure and entertainment destination located on the Corniche, Abu Dhabi.  A’l Bahar brings diverse dining, retail and leisure outlets to visitors.  Promised to deliver an urban beach lifestyle for the whole family, it offers entertainment every weekend until Ramadan, including live music, and a wide range of activities for children.


Social Media handles:

Facebook: @AlbaharAbuDhabi

Instagram: @AlbaharAbuDhabi


New Abu Dhabi Park Now Open!

Update: The Abu Dhabi park is closed and was open for a period of time. However, we have expanded the Dubai park and it’s definately something to try when visiting Dubai. Please take a look at the Dubai water park which was visited by Mo Vlogs below




We’re excited to announce the park opening of our Abu Dhabi branch. Due to the growing popularity and demand in Abu Dhabi, we thought the park would be another attraction that guests must try. The new park is a must activity if you have tried the Dubai park, this park brings in a new course more obstacles and more exciting fun for friends and family. The park from an aerial view spells out ” I love Abu Dhabi”, the Abu Dhabi brand to match the city. We also have received more press from Khaleej Times, take a look at the article: Read full article here

The park is open for the festival period with limited operating hours, we will be operating at similar times to the Dubai park in April. Ticket sales and groups offer will be available then.